‘To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality’ - Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Wedding Photography In Whitstable
Wedding Photography In Whitstable
wedding photography whitstable london
wedding photography whitstable
wedding photography whitstable
wedding photography whitstable
wedding photography whitstable
Why us?

It’s all about YOU. We take our time to get to know you, your likes and dislikes, the venues you will use on the big day, and we advise on a style that suits your personality and desires. On average we will probably spend close to a week in total for each wedding including all the preparation and post activities and we will always give you all-day coverage on the big day. With us there are no hidden costs and no after-thoughts.

We’re good at it. Wedding photography is NOT just a type of photography. We’re experienced in portraiture, photojournalism, reportage, street, landscape, product and macro, studio and interiors photography – and all of these are needed in wedding photography. We’ve invested countless hours into training and practice and we are learning every day to bring you the best experience possible. For us, wedding photography is not just a job and we resent that it’s become such a money-making industry – you won’t find us running from one wedding to another on the same day; we don’t book hundreds of weddings every year but the ones we do, we treat like celebrity events, just like you deserve.

We have the kit. Many will tell you the kit doesn’t matter, but that’s not entirely true. Yes, if you have a creative eye, perfect lighting conditions, lots of time to capture a key moment, then yes you could probably get lucky and have a few great photos from your guests’ smartphones. But if you want external flash lighting to bring the best of the ceremony in a dark church, a shoot-through umbrella with a flash light in it for a rainy day and a couple of really fast and responsive cameras to catch that fraction of a second that won’t wait for any smartphone then our equipment will come in handy. We have invested £000s in our photography equipment and know how to best put it to your service.

What we offer
Wedding photography is a big responsibility. You can trust that we will be with you all the way and never let you down. From the first time we meet to creating packages that suit your needs, researching and preparing, photographing the big day, professional editing and being there to advise on choosing the best printing options, we’re here for you! In our opinion, to get quality results, there are a number of mandatory pieces in the puzzle, and we offer these as standard:
  • An initial informal meeting to get to know you and discuss plans for the day. If you have a wedding planner, we will also meet with them to ensure any formal photograph slots are planned in and allowed sufficient time
  • Flexibility in creating a tailored package that suits your needs and budget: one size does not fit all! You want an engagement shoot? You got it. Rather have a cheeky bridal boudoir session instead? No problem! Prints are not your thing but sharing high quality digital images with family and friends all over the world at the click of a button is? We got it! Not keen on spending extra money on a photo booth but like the idea of a pop-up studio at the venue? Guess what!
  • Location reconnaissance – even if we have shot at your chosen locations before, we will arrange to visit and plan the photographic day according to your desires. We’ll make sure we have a plan for any eventuality, come rain or shine!
  • A team of two photographers for every job. In addition to the ability to execute some more complex formal shots, we will capture twice as many angles of key moments. Think about this – all couples will have a photo of the bride walking down the aisle, but how many have one of the groom seeing the love of his life in her bridal gown for the first time? One photographer can’t be in two places at the same time. 
  • On the BIG day, you are our only focus, and we are with you for as little or as long as you need us. Our packages start from 3 consecutive hour coverage to all-day photography from the bride and groom / both brides / both grooms getting ready, ceremony, reception and all posed / staged photos as planned. 
  • All the selected images (anywhere from 100-500 depending on hours covered) tastefully and professionally edited, watermark-free digital format, yours to enjoy and share with your family and friends to your hearts content though our easy-to-use online gallery.

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A freebie for you

When you book us to be your wedding photographers, we can offer free unbiased styling advice throughout your wedding planning process including choosing the outfits or colour scheme. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. We are creative individuals who love all things beautiful. Photographs are rarely just snapped, they are created. We style and shoot fashion and studio sessions so why not give your big day the same attention? You get this included in your package and you know that our advice is 100% impartial and based purely on aesthetic considerations.
Additional services
We have our own studio in central Whitstable so we can offer you a range of services before and/or after the wedding. A couple shoot or bridal boudoir, perhaps a small make-over party for the bride-to-be and your bridesmaids? Or how about a pop-up studio at the venue, making your guests feel like red carpet celebrities with their own paparazzi in tow? Think 
Photo Booth but 100 times better, all you and your guests need to do is pose for us and have some fun. Day gone too fast? Yeah, you’ve been warned… but it doesn’t have to be all over, why not pop that dress back on and we’ll have a more relaxed and creative shoot in the studio or outdoors after the event? The world is your oyster and we would love to give you that little extra that not many photographers out there will offer.
Albums and prints
Of course, this is the digital era – which is why we provide all edited images in individually downloadable, high quality digital format. Through our online gallery, password protected to ensure access just for you and anyone you wish to share it with, your family and friends all over the world can see and download the images at the click of a button. CDs and memory sticks are so last century! But of course, if that’s your thing, all you have to do is ask!
We can offer a range of photo albums or photo books to suit your tastes (and those of your family). These range from hand-made albums for a classic look to photo books If you prefer a more classic look (and your family might want some too). We will discuss your requirements and source the albums from our trusted preferred suppliers, getting you better prices than you would be able to get yourself. 
We print in-house as well as through our tried and tested professional printing suppliers on state of the art printers and high quality paper. By printing with us you can guarantee that there won’t be any weird cropping, colour changes, luminosity and many other issues you often get when you try to print on the high street – or over the www! And our prices are very competitive too. 
You will be familiar with printing on canvas, so we can order these for you from our preferred suppliers. Why not try prints that are directly on acrylic or aluminium to last you a lifetime, just as long as your sweetest memories will. Again, we have teamed up with a UK-based specialist supplier and will give you competitive prices for all these products.
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