Photography Courses

'I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.' - Pablo Picasso

Course Dates 2017

OpenStudio Portraiture - 1 Day CourseSept 23rd£175.00
OpenPhotography Fundamentals - 2 Day CourseOct 7th & 8th£275.00

Photography Fundamentals

Learn about composition and the elements that make up a good picture. Take your camera off automatic mode and into manual to take charge of the picture. Learn about exposure and its role in the photograph as well as different lenses and how they are used.

Mastering Light

Delve deeper into technical aspects of photography such as using metering modes, bracketing and the histogram. Learn and practice creative techniques such as long exposure, panning and off-camera flash.


Set Up. Work with catalogue and collections. Develop and process photos, HDR Setting Panoramic Photos.

Product & Still Life

Learn how to light and photograph various products for commercial, advertising and marketing purposes.

Studio Portraiture

Learn how to light, pose and photograph with a real-life model.

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